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STeLLA is a professional learning program for teachers of science.

What I Created

Brand strategy
Identity system
Name badge
Presentation template


Creative Process

The Challenge

STeLLA is one of the longest running programs at BSCS Science Learning. The program has so many programs within it that potential customers were turning away due to feeling confused and intimidated. We needed to develop a brand with the goal of making the program feel more approachable and less intimidating to our audience. Although most programs within BSCS have their own unique brands, STeLLA had never established a brand identity of its own. 

The Solution

I sat down with the leadership team to develop a brand strategy for STeLLA. Through our discussions and exercises, we found that one of the aspects of the program that was driving people away was the confusing structure of the programs within STeLLA. With this finding, we decided to break STeLLA into sub-brands to help bring some order and structure. We also dug into the personality of who STeLLA is and decided that a bright, welcoming, minimal brand identity would bring out the brand’s personality while helping the target audience feel more at ease engaging with the brand.